Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Residents Live At The Facility?

Our Davie, Florida Alzheimer’s and Mobility Impairment facility caters to the needs of ONLY 20 privileged residents. Our intimate size makes us unique in the area for those searching for assisted living and mobility impairment care facilities/communities.

Do you provide transportation from local hospitals?

Yes we are available to pick up and deliver your loved one to our facility following surgery or a hospital stay.

Do you provide transportation from another state or facility?

Our Alzheimer's Care Advocates have traveled all over the world to pick up loved ones from other assisted living communities or their homes where they are no longer safe. Transporting a senior with Alzheimer's takes special training and a thorough knowledge of the disease. Our team has provided this type of service for over 20 years, which has given us a unique prospective on transporting seniors with Alzheimer's.

My father likes to garden and be outside during the day – do you have a safe place outside for him to putter about?

Our beautiful weather is what makes many seniors retire to Florida in the first place. For those residents that enjoy being outside the owner and administrator Scott Colton had a patio area constructed just for this purpose.

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